Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

To posit, as you did in a recent editorial, that Ameren's plans to cut off the top of Church Mountain can be done in an "environmentally sensitive manner" is pure poppycock. Blown-up mountains can never be reassembled or remediated or mitigated. It will never be the same physically, hydrologically or chemically. Contrary to the Southeast Missourian's assumption, Ameren's Proffit Mountain power station is noticeably different than any of the other peaks in the area. It is true that hydroelectric power doesn't pollute like other power sources, but its effects will reach irretrievably into the future.

Neither Ameren nor the Southeast Missourian has demonstrated an overwhelming need for this power plant to be built. Once initiated, will a deregulated power industry be able to be stopped if it chooses to make money off other blown-up mountains?

Reynolds County, reamed from below by Doe Run and scraped from the top by Willamette's chip mill, will need all the tourist attractions it can muster. In this day of creativity and innovation, a big corporation with Ameren's resources could come up with a better alternative.


Mountain View, Mo.