Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

Here is my view on the failure of the Jackson school levy. It appears that both the school district and the voters are being shortsighted.

As for the school district, to attempt a new tax increase so soon after the latest hard-fought one, was unwise. You cannot ask for a tax increase every year. On top of that, after saying how bad the junior high school needed new space, the district has yet to break ground on the new addition.

Worst of all, to attempt to get approval for higher taxes after the recent reassessment has just hit home is the ultimate in bad timing. Many voters feel the school has already received extra money and don't know the state will take some away next year.

As for those who voted no, petty and mean-spirited come to mind. They seemed to think they were voting on principle. It appears they want to punish the school board, but the only ones to suffer are the students and teachers.

The cost of this most recent increase, would have been about $5 a month on a $100,000 home. Skip the fast-food stop once a month, and you could help train your future nurse, doctor, technician, teacher.

The solution seems simple: Plan further ahead. Place tax-increase requests on the years between reassessments. Quit sending messages that hurt the wrong target. Meet in the middle, folks. It can be nice there.


Jackson, Mo.