Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

The residents of the Scott City School District will have an opportunity to show their support for our future on April 3 when an election for a proposed $3.5 million general-obligation bond issue will be held.

The space that was once available for regular classrooms has steadily decreased with the growing demands for specialized classes.

The school district has made the best of the facilities available. However, it has run out of options in the quest to continue to provide the quality of education that we have grown to expect in our community. The administration addressed these issues by forming a building committee. Together the school board and building committee have proposed a bond issue to construct and furnish 20 additional classrooms along with a new industrial arts and technology facility and a multipurpose facility. There are also renovations to the existing school facilities planned.

The Scott City PTO will be hosts for an open forum at 7 tonight at the school. Members of the Citizens for a Brighter Future Committee, school board, faculty and building committee members will be presenting information regarding the bond issue. Please take this opportunity to become informed about the proposed bond issue and share your thoughts and concerns.


Scott City, Mo.