Community rallies behind BBQ establishment destroyed in fire

Following the fire that destroyed True-Que Barbecue in downtown Cape Girardeau, owner Byron Bonner referenced Romans 8:28 from the Bible.

"I know everything is going to work out for the good. It might be bad now, but you have to be wise enough -- like in this coronavirus situation -- to extract something good out of it," said Bonner, who is also the pastor of True Vine Ministries in Cape Girardeau.

Good has come from it. A community embraced Bonner with more than $11,000 raised to rebuild his operation. And a group of Cape Girardeau firefighters have let Bonner borrow their big cooker. The firefighters are some of Bonner's frequent customers.

"If I wanted to be sad, the Lord ain't giving me an opportunity," Bonner told the Southeast Missourian. "The blessings are just coming left and right."

It doesn't surprise us when this community rallies around its own. It seems to happen with some regularity. But the generosity and love for one another never ceases to inspire.

Thanks to all those who have helped Bonner in his rebuilding efforts. We look forward to enjoying his barbecue.