Local Missouri Author C.L. Bauer Publishes with Corrugated Sky Publishing

Author C.L. Bauer

Kansas City, Missouri— C.L. Bauer will be publishing The Sweet Pea Secret with Corrugated Sky Publishing on May 10, 2020.

The Sweet Pea Secret is the fourth novel in the popular Lily List Mystery series, where Bauer blends humor with wedding flowers to create the world of woman sleuth, Lily Schmidt Pierce—an intrepid florist with a penchant for post-it notes.

Bauer’s love of writing first led her to journalism, though she never quite strayed from the family business of the pre-WWII flower shop, Clara’s Flowers. With that, her thirst for mystery twined with her day-to-day life to create a series where DEA agents, SEALS, family, and threats abound.

C.L. Bauer’s latest novel will be available at all major retailers as well as indie bookstores, and she will be available for virtual signings and cons until the current national pandemic crisis is contained, and physical signings can be held safely and responsibly once again.

About the book:

When a dangerous international terrorist arrives in the United States in search of revenge, Lily Schmidt Pierce must protect the man she loves in any way she can.

Aided by a SEAL, a super agent, a priest, an over-the-top bestie, and a hovering brother-in-law, Lily plots to remove the threat to her new family. It will take every attention to detail, every list, and every post-it note she has to solve the dangerous puzzle. Not even a former boyfriend will be allowed to ruin her happiness.

Devlin Pierce has never had an Achilles’ heel, but now he has a woman he loves, a woman he would die for. His love has made Lily a target, and a secret from his past could destroy their new life together. Besides, the woman is rubbing off on him...he’s starting to make lists and leaving post-it notes in the most unusual places. Danger is waiting just around the corner, and he will be there to meet it.

The Sweet Pea Secret is the fourth adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. Lily is now happily married to her handsome DEA agent and is part of a team of dangerous men who would do anything to keep her safe. Join our intrepid little florist as she continues to grow in her new normal.

Now Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087STWP5S/

About the Author:

C. L. Bauer has been in the wedding flower business almost all her life. Her family’s business has existed in Kansas City to help nearly six generations of families on their special days.

Bauer’s first novel, The Poppy Drop, was well received on the top 100 books of Independent Publishers with Corrugated Sky Publishing.

Bauer enjoys her family, travel, a good book on a rainy day, bulk post-it notes, and meeting her readers of The Lily List Mystery Series.

You can reach her on all forms of social media and at www.corrugatedsky.com. Her author page on Facebook has updated information and you can email her at clbauerkc@gmail.com or visit her site www.clbauer.com.