Music Academy students perform at Junior Music Festival

The 2020 Junior Music Festival was held Feb. 8 at Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus.

The following Southeast Missouri Music Academy students performed at the Festival:

Piano solo

* Owen Blattel: Superior

* Ty Blattel: Superior

* Akitha Dias: Excellent

* Amelia Fox: Superior

* Jackson Gaeta: Superior

* Nicholas Gaeta: Superior

* Sankriti Srikant: Excellent

* Lukacs Zhang: Superior

* Lyndsey Zhang: Superior

* Lael Petry: Superior

* Claire Pfautsch: Superior

Musical theatre

* Noah Coleman: Superior

* Sienna Hahn: Superior

* Briley Hollis: Superior

* Jasmine Pfeiffer: Superior

The Academy pianists and singers are students of Jake White, Maggie Salem, Max Janssen, Tim DePriest, Emily Smith and Landon Schnurbusch.