Essential Worker

I wanted to contribute someway, somehow to essential workers, so I decided to write a poem for them. I hope they fight encouragement, positive affirmation and hope in it as they continue to fight this pandemic, to help flatten the curve, to help save lives. I want to truly thank each and every single essential worker.

Poem title: Essential Worker

Essential worker, thank you for helping to save lives

You’re risking you and your family’s lives just to ensure no one else dies

Yes, we hear your silent cries

That’s why we’re sending you all of our positive vibes

Although this pandemic has brought about so many why’s

We have to understand the blessings in disguise

They come from the Highest of the Highs

For answers, just continue to look to the skies

In life, there are wins and losses and lows and highs

But a Word from the Wise

From all of this, with God and faith, we will, indeed, rise

Essential worker, thank you for your invested time

For others’ lives, you’re there at the drop of a dime

You were there as soon as you heard the chime

No matter if you’re near or far from your family and home

Remember, you’re not in this alone

Together, we’ll continue to fight and channel this unknown

It’s crazy how in just a matter of weeks, life can be turned

But trust and believe, there’s an invaluable lesson to be learned

Essential worker, a more appropriate term for you is hero

You’re working relentlessly until the deaths are at zero

Because we’ve already lost too many

And that’s just one too many

You’ve come to the rescue

Your presence is our cue

You show up every day with the S on your chest

Giving your all, nothing but your best

From them, expect nothing less

Your courageous acts and sacrifice do not go unnoticed, that’s something we all must confess

That’s why you’re the heroes, if I had to guess

Because it’s takes a special and strong person to help us get through this mess

They continually to bravely wear that superhero vest

That’s what heroes do, always up for the challenge, always up for the test

Because of your efforts, the world will soon be back to normal, back to peace, back to rest

Essential worker, thank you for your continued commitment

It and you truly are heaven-sent

Heroes, here, you’re just meant

In life, tough times have came and went

And now is just one of those times just to give you a hint

To be in a hero’s shoes, those are big shoes to fill

Thank you for fulfilling God’s will

You’re flattening the curve to help ensure no one else becomes ill

You and God are doing your works to continue to heal

For you heroes, we’ll continue to kneel

Please know, you and your work are highly essential

Thank you for answering the call — both commercial and residential

We don’t know where we’d be without your credential

Essential worker, you’re there at every beck and call

You’re there for all

United, and standing tall

With heroes like you, we’re confident no one else shall fall

Thank you for putting in all those long and countless hours

By God working in you, relies all the powers

He’ll continue to bless you with it from those Heavenly towers

God rest the souls we have lost

Essential workers are working hard to avoid anymore at all cost

Those souls have reached their permanent resting place

This home is temporary, so they just beat us in that race

With us, those loved ones will always touch base

Until one day, again, we’ll see your face

Essential worker, we’ll continue to keep our social distance

But how close we keep our gratitude, support and love for you is just one instance

That will remain — consistence

From all of this, we’ll gain remarkable resilience

Essential worker, we can only imagine what you face on a day-to-day basis

From seeing all of those innocent faces

To reviewing the negative and positive cases

And how things are constantly evolving at rapid paces

You have to adapt and have tough skin

In order for another day just to begin


We know you’ll continue to keep fighting

The news will keep enlightening

Help is what essential workers will continue to send

It’s something they are determined to mend

This will soon come to an end

Because in Christ, we can always depend

Essential worker, thank you for your time invested

Difficult and challenging times can cause your faith to be tested

But trust and faith in the Lord will allow for you to be well-rested

That will bring you peace

Which will allow for you to increase

In the Lord, and in your faith, never decrease

Heroes, yes, we hear your silent cries

That’s why we’ll forever send you our love, support and positive vibes

Essential worker, thank you for being on this quest to continue to save lives.