Local businesses need your support now more than ever

Along with the physical and emotional toll COVID-19 has taken, the virus is making life particularly hard for small business owners and their employees.

The Cape Chamber and Jackson Chamber of Commerce have voiced their support for local businesses, asking residents who can to support these establishments. Whether it's ordering pickup or delivery from local restaurants or purchasing a gift card that can be used at a later day, it's important to consider how you can help. And then help.

The Cape Chamber is pushing the campaign Keep Cape Strong. Jackson Chamber has its own effort with "Make Up. Pick Up. Stand Up." The campaign asks residents to "make up" their minds where they will eat, "pick up" the food and "stand up" for local businesses.

While supporting local businesses goes beyond restaurants, food service is top of mind for many. Likewise, it's important for restaurants to take extra measures in preparation and delivery so employees and customers remain well.

We are believers in supporting local businesses and keeping dollars in the local economy. If you are able, do what you can to support these establishments now and in the future.