Speak Out 3/19/20

Gender politics

When asked Joe Biden said in the debate Sunday night that he would definitely pick a woman as his running mate, Bernie Sanders gave a definite maybe to the question. My question is to both: Will it be one of the women that ran for the presidency and no one supported or wanted, or will it be another woman that never felt she could get elected to begin with? To pick a running mate on gender alone is pathetic!

Food delivery

I think with the outbreak of the coronavirus all fast food and pizza delivery personnel should wear gloves, including the cashiers. Better to be safe than sorry.

Grocery influx

Why are the grocery shelves empty? Think about it, all the people that have been depending on restaurants to cook for them. And if restaurants would close (which it's not going to happen) these people would have to cook! Most of these people have never been in a grocery store before! Plus it's a way get people to do different things. People are like puppets.

Lock down

If we are going to stop the spread of the coronavirus, maybe we need to take Italy's lead and lock down the whole country.

2A protection

The liberals have their sanctuary cities to protect illegal immigrants, which I think is wrong. In contrast, I propose we make Missouri a sanctuary state for firearms ownership. The Second Amendment should be protected on state and federal levels. A Biden presidency will try to do away with the Second Amendment if the Democrats get their way. Missouri stand up for your Second Amendment. Vote Trump-Pence 2020.

Social distancing

The thing that people need to be doing a lot more is social distancing. You should not go to public places except if grocery shopping. Stay three feet away from people and avoid crowds. If you have work, don't use it as a place to socialize. Do your job but keep your distance. The only way we are going to beat this thing and keep it from spreading is social distancing. And if a national lockdown does happen, every American should not fight but take part without complaint because social distancing is our greatest weapon against this thing.

Surgical masks

Why am I seeing so many people out in public wearing surgical masks? Surgical masks are designed to prevent the person wearing it from infecting the sterile treatment area. The only way a surgical mask could possibly help prevent you catching a virus is if you were wearing the entire get up consisting of surgical gown, mask, cap, gloves, booties. And even then your face is still partially exposed. All you are doing wearing these masks out in public is contributing to the mass hysteria and creating shortages for health care services that need them.