Benton Resident and Advance Student Donate Items

Annie Duffield of Annie's Blessings

-----Benton, MO and Advance, MO

Recently, Benton Missouri resident and FCCLA member, Annie Duffield, created a project she named, Annie's Blessings. She decided that she had been blessed with way too many items to be able to keep. She didn't want them to go unwanted and stored away in a box somewhere. She began by going through all of her extra items. She wanted her extra items to be given to people in her hometown of Benton, the school she attends, and the surrounding communities. She first donated 85 books to the Advance R-IV School Library. School Librarian, Phoebe Roper was Annie's 4th Grade teacher. She was excited to receive these books for the library. Some of the ones that Annie donated will replace the worn out versions of the ones that the library already has. Next, she created Annie's Blessing Box at school. Located in the FACS Room, students are able to stop by to get school supplies when they are in need of them. Also, a Facebook Group was created called Annie's Blessings. Items were posted and are still being posted. Items include clothing, toys, and other items. People in need may claim these items as their own or people could donate items to Annie's Blessings to be given away. The slogan for this project is, "Take What You Need, but Never in Greed." Annie truly wants others to be blessed as she has been. If anyone wishes to access Annie's Blessings, or if they would like to donate, please contact Sara Duffield at She will give you the information that you need to be a part of Annie's Blessings. Annie will continue to this project through the end of the school year and has hopes to be able to continue next year, too!