Letter to the Editor

Everything has an origin

To this day, since the third day of creation, when God designed a tree to produce fruit after its kind, an orange tree still produces oranges. Livestock, designed on the sixth day to produce after their kind, are still doing so today. Likewise, we, designed with the same ability to reproduce, are still reproducing. And to make sure His plan for living creatures worked, He added drive.

Still today, though intended for two who have made a commitment to each other, the union will work just as well with two who haven't. As originally designed, the union can result in the production of another human life.

Knowing full well that the intended design, good as it was, would end up misused, He followed through with the design anyway. Knowing that what He intended for good would be spoiled by the one who opposes Him, He followed through.

I watched in President Trump's third State of the Union address, at the mention of an initiative that would result in the planting of 1 million trees, both Republicans and Democrats stood to their feet with applause. He also mentioned a bill that would end late-term abortion. The Republicans, again, rose to their feet. Sadly, the Democrats didn't move a muscle.

If the physical union between two people was God's good design to sometimes produce offspring, from whom do you suppose the initiative to kill that offspring comes?

MIKE JONES, Cape Girardeau