Gamification of education hits Clippard Elementary

There's nothing like a good contest to spur action. Just look at the students from Clippard Elementary in Cape Girardeau.

The school is participating in the Imagine Learning Literacy Bowl, a play on the National Football League's Super Bowl.

Using a web-based software, students can log in from school or home and complete educational lessons delivered much like a video game. Points are earned for reading and lesson completion, but the real win is in the learning that takes place.

A "data wall" is located near the principal's office to note progress, and students are tested three times a year to help gauge skill proficiency. Data from the game is used to determine where individual students are proficient and which areas could use some work.

"Kids are working on their level," principal Amy Emmenderfer told the newspaper, adding, "They see some success, and it's encouraging."

Clippard advanced to the third round of competition and now faces Kathleen H. Wilbur Elementary of Delaware. The contest ends at 6 this evening and the national winner will be announced Monday.

Congratulations to the students on their success. And hats off to the educators for using Gamification strategies to help students learn.