Journey Gala hits $1 million milestone for patient assistance

Journalist and author Joan Lunden gave a tremendous speech earlier this month at the Southeast--HEALTH Foundation Journey Gala, the fourth annual event that raises money for patients receiving treatment at the SoutheastHEALTH Cancer Center.

Lunden's father was an oncologist, but she never imagined that one day she would be a cancer patient.

"To be honest, I didn't think that it would happen to me," Lunden told the more than 500 people in attendance. "I've been doing countless interviews with experts. I always reported on the latest stats. A woman has a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. I just never thought that I was going to be that one -- because I didn't have breast cancer in my family history."

She stressed the importance of being vigilant about one's own health and living a healthy life.

The Journey Gala raised more than $260,000 this year, and total funds over four years topped $1 million.

The theme was soiree in Paris, and attendees were treated to a night with delectable food, tremendous entertainment and an inspiring message. Congratulations to the SoutheastHEALTH Foundation staff and volunteers, and thank you to those who attended and donated.