Rehder is tireless advocate

Holly Rehder is the right person to represent Cape Girardeau, and Southeast Missouri, in the State Senate

This month, I've joined the Holly Rehder campaign serving as treasurer for the committee. Holly has been a tireless advocate for Southeast Missouri and our values. I could not be prouder to support her efforts to be our next state senator.

I recently retired after 44 years in the banking industry. I've known Holly and her husband, Ray, for several years. As my neighbor and my customer, I know you won't find a couple with more heart for advancing our conservative principles. They are honest and hard-working business owners who built their business from scratch. Nothing has been handed to them. They actually started their business 16 years ago after Ray lost his job due to a company reorganization. Their company now operates in seven states.

While so many in our government are out of touch, Holly has grown up a fighter and she gets it. She didn't go to Jefferson City to make friends. As a legislator, Holly is always responsive and works hard for her people. She isn't afraid to rumble with the establishment. She's proven that time and time again. Her courage on issues that impact Southeast Missouri is why she is best suited for this position. She isn't there just warming a seat.

I hope you will join me in supporting Holly for State Senate!


Paid for by Friends of Holly Rehder, Henry 'Butch' Holyfield, Treasurer