Hearing Healthcare Professional Earns Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate

Kyle Griffin, BC-HIS ​ , a licensed hearing aid specialist at ​Miracle-Ear ​ in ​Cape Girardeau, MO ​ has been awarded the Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate from the International Hearing Society.

The Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program is an Assessment-Based Certificate Program accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). In order to earn the Certificate, a participant must attend a two-day workshop and achieve a passing score on the post-workshop assessment. Attendees learn about the physiology, psychology, measurement, and management of tinnitus, a condition afflicting some 15% of the general public.

Tinnitus is defined by the American Tinnitus Association as “the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present.” Many individuals experiencing tinnitus hear a ringing in the ears, but buzzing, hissing, whistling, and more are also commonly heard. Taught by Dr. Richard Tyler, PhD, Msc, and backed by his 30+ years of research and clinical experience, the Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program provides hearing healthcare professionals with the skills to address their patients’/clients’ tinnitus-related needs.

“I love helping people hear better,” explained ​Griffin ​ . “The satisfaction that comes with helping a patient better hear their loved ones is unparalleled, and I’m eagerly anticipating the success my tinnitus patients and I can have together.”

Miracle-Ear was established over 30 years ago in Cape Girardeau to serve the hearing-impaired community and help improve the quality of life for residents. The office is located at 1465 N. Kingshighway. Individuals can call 573-335-5510 to make an appointment.