Outside the Office: Kristin Tallent

Kristin Tallent, communications director for Cape Girardeau Public Schools, enjoys spending time with her Falabella miniature horses Finley and Fiona in her free time. Tallent adopted the horses from an animal cruelty case out of Tennessee. The horses, dressed in Halloween costumes, have made appearances at Tallent’s church and at other events.

Communications Director -- Cape Girardeau Public Schools

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my two Falabella miniature horses, Finley and Fiona. They were part of a big animal cruelty case out of Tennessee where nearly 150 animals of various species were seized. I was on a waiting list to adopt them and had to wait for the legal process to play out. Their previous owners pleaded guilty to animal cruelty last summer after the animals were found in filthy conditions without food, water or vet care. A number of deceased animals were also found on the property. Redemption Road Rescue (RRR) in Jackson, Tennessee, cared for these angels until the case was over. After that, RRR graciously chose me to be their forever home and allowed me to adopt them. Finley bounced back to health more quickly than little Fiona, who on top of being severely malnourished was pregnant and lost her foal.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about their personalities as they have gotten comfortable on my family farm. Finley is a very confident gelding who prances around like a show pony. His stride exudes confidence. Fiona is a little more reserved but is very sweet and craves attention. She would stand by you for hours if you'll brush or pet her. They enjoy making trips to my church for events with children.

I would love if we can eventually utilize Finley and Fiona in the schools. They bring so much joy to everyone who meets them, I feel like it is my duty to share them with others! Alma Schrader Principal Julia Unnerstall keeps encouraging me to write a children's book about being worthy of love and second chances with Finley and Fiona as the main characters. Who knows -- we might just have to make that happen soon!

I think a lot of people admire horses but are intimidated by their size. These guys are smaller and much more approachable. You cannot help but have a smile on your face when you're around them. It's really something I think everyone should have the chance to experience.

No matter the animal, if you're looking to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting. Most rescue groups are very familiar with their animals' personalities and are excellent at matching animals to fit your lifestyle.