Letter to the Editor

A thought from Hebrews 10

Those who are trying to get President Donald Trump removed from office are making me sick -- literally, I do actually have a cold. I hope their chant, "No one is above the law", comes back to haunt them. And the one about "defending the Constitution" -- that one makes me want to throw up.

The writer of Hebrews closes this chapter with fitting lines about persevering vs. shrinking back. There is reward for those who persevere; but those who shrink back will be destroyed.

The stage is set. Someone will persevere and be rewarded and someone will shrink back and be destroyed. I don't see Trump shrinking back.

We are on the door steps of a greatness that, both, reestablishes our dependence on God and a morality that the majority of us prefer.

I personally believe God is in the corner of the one who is fighting for Him and not against Him. I personally believe Trump is where he is because God knew he would not be one to "shrink back". It will be great to watch it all unfold.

MIKE JONES, Cape Girardeau