Rep. Jason Smith: House in 'chaos' as Democrats focus on impeachment

Jason Smith

As Democratic lawmakers in the House pushed forward with televised impeachment hearings Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Jason Smith decried what he called “true chaos in government.”

In a phone interview, Smith said, “In my time serving in public office, I have never seen such chaos.”

Democrats have been focused on removing President Donald Trump from office for the past three years, said Smith, a Republican from Salem, Missouri, whose district covers Southeast Missouri.

As a result, the 8th District congressman said, “nothing is getting done.”

Government funding runs out next week, but the House has not moved forward with appropriations bills, Smith said.

“You are talking about an upcoming government shutdown because they (the Democrats) have issued more subpoenas than they have put bills on the president’s desk,” the congressman said.

“They have no concern of the well-being of our nation. They are using their legislative power for their own political advantage,” he said.

There is bipartisan support in the House to pass the U.S./Canada/Mexico trade agreement, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t let it come up for a vote “simply because it might give Donald Trump a victory,” Smith said.

Smith, a strong supporter of Trump, blasted the impeachment effort, calling it a “circus.”

But Democrats insist Congress must investigate allegations Trump sought to withhold military aid for Ukraine for political purposes.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California chairs the House intelligence committee, which is holding the impeachment hearings.

Smith accused Schiff of engaging in a “witch hunt,” a term regularly used by Trump.

“He has not granted one of the witnesses Republicans have asked for. There is nothing fair about the process,” he said.

Unlike past impeachment efforts, there is no bipartisan support for the current effort, Smith said.

Not a single Republican House member voted to proceed with impeachment, he said.

Smith accused Democrats of “wasting millions of dollars (on impeachment) at the expense of every American.”

Meanwhile, he said, Congress has not acted on important issues, ranging from efforts to lower the cost of prescription drugs to securing the nation’s southern border.

The House’s inaction “is affecting every American,” he said.

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