Letter to the Editor

Dems' impeachment nonsense

Sixty-three million Americans elected Donald Trump to be president. On Nov. 9, 2016, the Leftist Democrats began trying to cancel their votes. Like spoiled children and rather than waiting for the next election, as the rest of us are doing, they're attempting to kick President Trump out of office.

To do this the Leftist Democrats ginned up a fake Russian collusion scheme. This fraudulent scandal was proven, by Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress, to be a hoax. Because the Russia hoax failed, the Leftist Democrats are now claiming there is a Ukrainian quid pro quo scam. This instigated another illegitimate impeachment inquiry.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a vote on and the House passed an Impeachment Inquiry Resolution. This resolution is not Articles of Impeachment. The impeachment inquiry still sidelines the minority by denying them representation on this serious matter. Speaker Pelosi is protecting her caucus from taking an unpopular vote on Articles of Impeachment. She knows a vote on Articles of Impeachment will doom most of her freshmen colleagues to one term and loss of the majority in the House.

Leftist Democrats are stooping to the lowest of levels to get what they want. They're obsessed and their obsession is ripping the country apart because it is based on lies and corruption.

Where's the outrage over this attempt at voter suppression?

To stop this travesty, everyone must contact their representative and demand an end to this impeachment nonsense. This is America, not some third world country, where elections matter.