Letter to the Editor

Syria decision bad for US

The "War on Terror" began in 2001. The United States has suffered casualties of approximately 7,000 dead and 52,000 wounded. In 2014 the Kurds began to furnish personnel for action against ISIS. They have suffered about 11,000 dead and 24,000 wounded.

Ignoring the Kurd's sacrifices, on Oct. 6 our President moved the military personnel who were preventing a conflict between the Kurds and Turkey. Following the movement of the U.S. troops, Turkey attacked the Kurds on Oct. 9. This resulted in the Kurds being driven out of an area that is their home.

Other consequences of the movement of U.S. forces are:

* Continued tension between the Syrians and the Turks who will be occupying the land evacuated by the Kurds.

* Most importantly, there will be a loss of faith in U.S. security guarantees. Other countries will be less likely to help the U.S. achieve its foreign policy goals or supply the intelligence needed for operations such as the one which eliminated al-Baghdadi.

* Russia has become the indispensable power in the Middle East. It is now respected because it delivered for its ally Syria. It has helped broker an agreement between Turkey and Syria concerning northeast Syria and is setting itself up as the go-to outside power. Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries now recognize the increased Russian role along with the diminished power and influence of the United States. Therefore, they will increase their reliance on Moscow.

This situation is a harbinger of future problems for our country.

JOHN PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau