Letter to the Editor

Thanks to First Presbyterian

If you didn't read Jay Wolz's excellent article regarding the refrigerated food truck given to the Southeast Missouri Food Bank on Sunday, take the time to read it online. Kudos are in order to Cape Girardeau First Presbyterian Church along with Willie Bahn and his wife, Dr. Janna Tuck, for the wonderful gift.

Another name popped up in the article, Charles Wiles. The former Southeast Missouri State University professor just might be the best dealmaker I have ever been around. Dr. Wiles spent many hours over the years in my office at KFVS12 making sure the station gave full financial and media support to the university's athletic program. When Rowdy the Redhawk came with the athletic name change, Dr. Wiles succinctly explained how the mascot was of utmost importance for the future with upcoming students.

Consider yourself fortunate if you were in Dr. Wiles' business classes. You learned from the best. Others, like me, know him as the greatest salesman in Southeast Missouri. I had to laugh at the quote from Dr. Wiles, "I like to say I was at a meeting where Willie Bahn's wife gave his truck away." It is more like the food bank just benefited from the man who truly knows how to put deals together for outstanding organizations. Congratulations, Charlie, on a job well done.

MIKE SMYTHE, Cincinnati