Letter to the Editor

The American Banana Republic

Abuse of power and corruption by Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton seem insignificant compared to misdeeds and corruption of Trump and his family. Believing that he is a "stable genius of unmatched wisdom who can do anything he wants," the 'scared-of-his-base' Trumpian lawmakers keep protecting him.

Now a cult figure, Trump can bypass any rule, break any law, defy any tradition, defame any institution, verbally attack anyone by a filthy epithet, and act on an impulse utterly ignorant of consequences. Evidences of his obvious wrongdoings are "fake news" and his blatant lies and corruption are "good for America."

The result? Unchecked political vandalism: The 17 Intelligence Agencies including FBI, CIA and Department of State protecting America from domestic and foreign enemies are "deep state" conspiring a coup against Trump; his confidant and guide murderous Putin is "more trustworthy"; AG Barr is his errand boy; a servile Pompeo degrades career diplomats ("swamp"); his minions treat Congress contemptuously; congressmen impeaching him are "traitors;" Constitution is "phony" and rule of law is a nuisance; withholding authorized military aid to dig-up dirt on political rivals "happens all the time"; the media exposing him are "enemies of people;" honest Republican dissidents are "human scum"; political opponents "hate America;" truthful career diplomats are "unelected radical bureaucrats," and his lying cronies in prison are "patriotic Americans."

Thanks to the unprincipled Trumpian lawmakers' protection, their dear leader is creating the "Great Banana Republic of America (GBRA)" -- like his friend Kim's so-called People's Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK).

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau