Halloween safety tips and alternative events

If you plan to be out collecting candy with your kids Thursday night, make sure to be safe.

Here are a few tips:

* Stay with your child while trick-or-treating and make sure to remain visible to vehicle traffic. Flashlights, bright clothing and reflective tape are good ways to stay visible.

* Cross streets at the corners, use sidewalks when possible and follow all traffic signals. Put the cellphone in your pocket and watch where you're going.

* Likewise, motorists should slow down and watch for pedestrians.

* Only go to houses of people you know, and make sure candy is factory-wrapped.

* Consider bringing your indoor pets inside.

There are plenty of alternative activities to consider Thursday evening, including several fall festivals hosted by various churches. These are wonderful, family-friendly events where kids can dress up, get their fill of candy and you might even score dinner. To see a list of events, check out semoevents.com and Page 2 in the Southeast Missourian.