Letter to the Editor

Political bitterness is hurtful

Everyone enjoys an honest, robust debate and the use of a hard word or term can be an effective way to strengthen a point that is being made. However, the use of a harsh word or term only stirs anger.

I am sorry to say, it has become very apparent the use of harsh words has become the method of choice. The list of harsh words is lengthy and continues to grow. Currently the list contains the words: Deplorable, despicable, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, and a new addition with the term naive.

Naive is defined as extremely simple and trusting, not experienced, not shrewd, lack of critical judgment or analysis, child-like and wet behind the ears.

The use of such harsh, hurtful, hateful, demeaning words is unnecessary and the nonsense should end. We are better people than to allow political bitterness to become forefront in our lives.

KEN GLEASON, Cape Girardeau