Christian TV Network to be commended for medical debt ministry

For 201 people in Cape Girardeau -- and many more beyond -- a letter from RIP Medical Debt was an answer to prayer.

TCT Television Network recently announced $2.5 million in medical debt was being forgiven. The Christian TV ministry said this is part of their response to the many prayer requests they received about medical debt.

TCT made a substantial payment to RIP Medical Debt to wipe out the $2.5 million.

"A lot of medical debt gets bundled and resold and passed along to debt collection agencies," TCT Ministries chief financial officer Shane Chaney said.

Chaney added RIP Medical Debt purchases medical debt and then uses donations to the ministry to cover unpaid amounts. TCT made a donation of "several tens of thousands of dollars" that covered the debt.

For the 201 Cape County residents, a total of $269,428 in medical debt was forgiven.

We commend TCT Ministries for its efforts to bless those struggling with the crushing load of medical debt. What a relief this provides and a perfect illustration of the Christian faith, which is based on God's forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We hope this act of generosity inspires others who feel led to join in the cause, helping those struggling with medical debt find relief and peace.