Feast of the Guardian Angels

St. Michael house members, Kasyn Seabaugh, Sadler Mattingly, Dylan Levan, & Cooper Bryant, try to untangle a human knot.

October 2 is the feast day of the Guardian Angels. To celebrate the feast day of our school, Guardian Angel students in Oran started the day by attending Mass. At mid-morning, everyone was treated to a donut and all the students were allowed to go to recess. This recess was a treat for students in grade 5-8, since they don't normally get a morning recess. Shortly after lunch, the students enjoyed their first angel house game day competition for the year. The houses of St. Michael, St. Gabriel, & St. Raphael competed against each other in 3 different games, consisting of the human knot, macaroni relay, and a word scramble. After the fun and games, it was time to go back to class to finish out the day.

Porter Gadberry of St. Raphael's house attempts to get the macaroni on the spaghetti stick, as teammate Natalie Ramsey looks on, awaiting her turn.