Letter to the Editor

Trump 'strong leader' argument

Trumpians believe that Trump is a "strong leader" because he could not only take all the criticism and personal attacks thrown at him by his opponents for his obviously despicable acts, but also, he defends them by doubling-down. I owe naive Trumpians an explanation as to why he comes across as a "strong leader."

In the course of my 40-year-long psychiatric practice, I happened to evaluate numerous incorrigible criminals. When confronted with his antisocial behavior, such as robbing a bank, such a person would double down, saying, "Do you know that the bank owners are worse crooks than me? They rob their customers blind and yet they go Scot-free! Why are they not in prison? Justice system is rigged against me. I am like Jesse James!"

A person such as this, who has neither shame, nor guilt, nor sense of sinfulness, comes across as "very strong" to naive people. In fact, naive spouses of these criminals proudly describe them as follows: "He is very strong! He does not give a d*** about anything or anyone. He does whatever he wants!"

Shameless persons do not give a d*** about what people in the society think about their behavior. Guiltless persons indulge in despicable acts because they have no conscience. Sinful persons commit sin because they are ignorant of their religion's teachings. Their actions are based on base instincts: Greed, hatred, vengeance, lack of empathy, etc.

Trumpians, now you know why you believe that Trump is a "strong leader."

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau