EDITORIAL: Gibson Center helps many break chains of addiction

National statistics paint a concerning picture. About 21 million Americans suffer from addiction, though 10% receive treatment. For many, it’s alcohol. For others, illegal drugs. Prescription drugs also contribute to the epidemic.

But there’s hope.

Recently, the Gibson Center celebrated its 40th anniversary of helping addicts break free from the bondage of addiction. What started as a halfway house has become a multi-location organization with out-patient and residential services.

At a recent event that drew about 200 people from the community, past participants talked about how the organization helped them break the chains of addiction.

“I learned how to turn over my baggage to a power greater than myself,” program graduate Lester Gillespie told the crowd at the event. “My confidence started to soar and I started holding my head high once again. Today, I have 26 years of sobriety. I stand before you today as a proud graduate of the Gibson Center, but even after that, it’s still one day at a time. Today, my train is back on track, my life has meaning again, and that broken pencil is helping me write my own ending.”

Congratulations to the organization on its milestone anniversary. Thank you to the staff for the good work. It’s an important ministry that helps save lives.

While we wish there was no need for their services, we’re thankful there are organizations like the Gibson Center providing a lifeline to those facing this significant challenge.