Creative Edge Welcomes New Positions

Varonnica Kirn- Vice President of Client Success

{CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO, SEP 2019} Creative Edge is excited to announce the creation of two new positions in their organization. In order to keep up with forecasted demand and growth, Creative Edge has focused its efforts on restructuring and redesigning their client process. In the past 20 years, Creative Edge has developed innovative marketing strategies for hundreds of clients. Their goal is to tailor the approach of each campaign to fit the needs of every client and help them find their true potential.

Creative Edge is excited to announce that Varonnica Kirn, former Vice President of Creative Services at Creative Edge, will be taking on a new role as Vice President of Client Success. Varonnica has worked with Creative Edge for 3 years and has played an essential part in their growth. Varonnica received her degree in Marketing from Southeast Missouri State University in 2009. This, along with 8 years of client and marketing experience as Director of Marketing at Realty Executives and 3 years as Vice President of Creative Services at Creative Edge makes her the ideal choice for this new position.

New to the family, Creative Edge is also excited to announce that Matt Kinder will be taking on his new role as the Director of Marketing Strategies. Matt’s expertise in marketing and digital strategy will be essential in his new position. This, along with his 3 years of experience as Director at Merge Digital Solutions makes him the ideal choice for this new position.

Jason Wray, CEO of Creative Edge, had this to say, “We focus on building brands that will soar over their competition. By creating these new positions, we are allowing Varonnica and Matt to do what they do best- turn our clients into raving fans.”

Matt Kinder- Director of Marketing Strategies

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