Letter to the Editor

Democratic candidates

Biden leads in the polls, because many feel his centrist views make him the one most capable of beating Trump. However, his popularity will likely wane due to his age, his gaffes, and his lack of charisma.

Warren is probably the smartest of the lot and might make a good president. Yes, her Native American claim will haunt her, but her vision, organization, and energy will help her.

Sanders is a benevolent grouch. He sounds crotchety, even when promising to give away more taxpayer money.

Harris seems to have the right stuff, but her background as a prosecutor will hurt her. Booker, Castro and Klobuchar are long shots at best, and O'Rouke is kind of a kook. I like Pete Buttigieg, but his gay lifestyle hurt his chances. Plus, he may be too nice to be a good president. (Remember Jimmy Carter.)

Any of the candidates could break out, but right now I think the most likely nominee is Elizabeth Warren. And if she is, she would have a good shot at becoming the first female president. However, if she keeps pandering to the left by promising more and more liberal programs, I think Trump will be reelected.

Americans have big hearts, but most of us realize that more government spending is not sustainable. When the democratic candidates promise more handouts, they are marching us toward socialism. I don't think that's a winning strategy in a presidential race.

Gary L. Gaines, Cape Girardeau