Lengthening the Life Span of Your Hearing Aids

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The average hearing aid can last up to seven years. But many people experience shorter life spans. To prolong the life of your hearing aids, it’s crucial to take care of them the best that you can. Here are a few tips for how you can do that:

First, cleaning your hearing aids prolongs the life span. This is because dirt and debris end up inside your device, ruining the way it works. Your hearing aids can get extremely dirty; wax can cling to them from your ears, dust can collect on them and moisture can seep in via sweat. Give your hearing devices a thorough cleaning with a dry, soft cloth every evening when you take them out.

Along with cleaning frequency, you have to think about maintenance as a whole. Are you taking your hearing aids to an audiologist if you notice any problems with specific parts? Always take your hearing aid to an audiologist so he or she can check damages and repair them professionally. Making repairs yourself will likely shorten the life span.

Another tip to lengthen the life span of your hearing aids is to open the battery case at home before you go to bed. This lets the batteries breathe and any moisture evaporate.

As might be guessed, hearing aids will last longer if they’re worn less frequently. There are a couple of things everyone can do to cut down on how often hearing aids are turned on and being worn. First, take them out whenever you go to sleep; you have no need for hearing aids while you’re sleeping. Second, avoid wearing your hearing aids when there’s a risk of them getting wet. Never wear them in the shower, don’t wear them if you’re exercising and try to avoid wearing them if you’re not protected from the rain. Moisture is a hearing aid's worst enemy and will reduce its life span.

Hearing aid storage greatly impacts how long hearing aids last. Always store your hearing aids in a strong, protective case and away from any moisture or humidity. So if you take them off to shower, don’t leave the case for them in the bathroom.

Dr. Sarah Hickey, Au. D., is an audiologist and owner of Audiology Associates.