Letter to the Editor

The Left's socialist agenda

The current Democratic presidential candidates are advocating socialist policies to the delight of the small-government enthusiasts. Most Americans understand that capitalism provides the quickest path to prosperity for all who are willing to put forth the effort. Socialism leads to a Venezuelan style economy. Shrewd Americans refuse to live under these miserable and inhumane conditions. All they want is to live the “American dream.”

Since shrinking government power irks the Democrat Party, it tries to paint all who support it as members of an extreme right-wing group. If all the White Nationalists gathered in one place, they could not fill a telephone booth. The KKK has at most 8,000 members out of 300 million Americans. Except for the non-stop exposure the media gives them, all extreme right-wing groups are irrelevant. No Democrat presidential candidate spoke out against the Dayton shooter, the shooter of the Republican members of Congress or the violence of Antifa. Recently, a top Democrat called for violence against those who disagree with the party’s policies.

The Republican Party is alive and well. According to Federal Election Commissions filings for July, Republicans raised $21 million, destroying the meager $8 million the Democrats raised. The Republicans are flush with cash. The Democrats must go to Mexico and beg for it.

The Democrats are guilty of excessive generosity of other people’s money. Excessive taxes are the only way to pay for the Democrats’ social policies. Sad thing, is, “eventually you run out of this money.”