Corvettes group to make way to Cape Girardeau

Downtown Cape will be humming on Tuesday, even more than usual.

Nearly 1,000 Corvettes (and their owners) will converge here as part of the annual Corvette Caravan that ends at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Greene, Kentucky.

The caravan passed through the area before, in 2014.

The city can expect visitors from California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and even Hawaii and Australia.

The downtown stop will be the last in the caravan, and will be the sixth or seventh day for most of the participants.

Old Town Cape event coordinator Emily Vines previously told the Southeast Missourian she expects nearly 2,000 spectators downtown for the parade, which is set for 3:30 on Broadway. The cars will be on display starting at around 4.

The caravan will include food trucks, beer gardens and live music.

Several streets will be closed to accommodate the vehicles.

We encourage you to make time Tuesday evening to make your way downtown for a good time, celebrating one of America's icons: The Corvette.