Letter to the Editor

What is 'social extremism'?

Of late, Trumpians, formerly Republicans, have been delighting that some Democratic presidential candidates have been advocating "socialist policies" such as Medicare for all, free college education and whatnot. Trumpians rightly believe that such "socialist extremism" would drive many Trump-haters to jump on his bandwagon.

This is like the kettle calling pot black. Look at "social extremism" in Trumpian Party: "Fine people" like white supremacists, Nazis, KKK, White Nationalists, "Confederate Patriots," Proud Boys, self-styled 'deplorables,' motorcycle gangs, etc. Lawyers defending some right-wing kooks threatening to murder, or have actually murdered, Jews, Latinos and blacks, have claimed that their clients were radicalized by conspiracy theories spun day after day by Fox News and Trump. To all of them, the media, Democrats and opponents of right-wing violence are enemies of people.

The Republican Party, still jokingly called Party of Lincoln, is on its deathbed. Scared of Trump's vicious tweets and backlash from his vengeful base, some cowardly Republican lawmakers have realized the wisdom in Paul Ryan's brave retreat. The rest have joined Trumpian Party openly agreeing with Trump's pro-rich policies, but secretly admiring his racism and support of right-wing extremists.

While the left-wing candidates are merely guilty of excessive generosity toward needy humanity, radicalized right-wing extremists are guilty of unbridled hatred and violence against 'others.' Whereas thoughtful Democrats must adopt practical social policies, righteous Republican lawmakers must reset their moral compass, stand up against all evil and do the right thing. For, to quote President Lincoln, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau