Letter to the Editor

The slow rolling valuable coin

Modern America, well circa. 2019, the United States of America has become the valuable coin that's slowly rolling toward the AC/heating vent in a floor. One side of that valuable coin is the Republican/Conservative. The flip side is the Democrat/liberal. In the year 2019, the free Americans will stand or sit watching this valuable coin slowly rolling toward the vent and ask each other whose coin it is and who's going to get up and catch that valuable coin all the while it slowly rolls toward the vent where it could fall in, to maybe never be seen again.

Will the great United State of America be just that, watching a rolling valuable coin to be lost forever down a vent due to free Americans who ask or wait, blaming each other for dropping it and not saving it, or will Free Americans get up and save that slow rolling two-sided, valuable coin from being lost forever down a simple AC/heating vent in the floor.

In 2019, the United States of America has become just that, two sides blaming each other, the Republican/conservative and Democrat/liberal for not uniting as one, not taking actions. Just watching that two-sided valuable coin slowly roll away, lost forever down a vent.