Church's demo derby event expects up to 8,000 people

Crashing cars in the name of Jesus.

That's what Cape First plans to do tonight at Arena Park, where thousands are expected to enjoy a night of Demolition Derby and many other activities.

The event is free and open to the public. Overall festivities begin at 5:30, with the derby to begin at 7:30 at the grandstand.

The derby began in 2008, and planning begins months in advance.

It's an event that at first drew about 1,000 people. Organizers are expecting up to 8,000.

"It's all a packaged deal," said church communications director David Urzi. "Our goal is to provide a night for everybody in the community to come together and have a good time for free."

In addition to the derby, there will also be hotdogs and sodas, mini golf, corn hole and a ministry tent, where people can receive prayer, talk to a pastor and get resources.

"We just found a unique opportunity within the church to reach out to some of the community that we typically couldn't reach out to through events held at the church," said Jess Short, who plans the derby, "I think we've pretty much reached a point where we're at capacity for the venue."

There are many ways to reach the community to share faith with others. We tip our gas caps to the folks at Cape First for coming up with this smashing success.