Friends of Levi from First State Community Bank Recognized for their generosity

Butch Holyfield, Jeff Brune, and Natalie Mansell represent FSCB take time to visit Leviís Adventure Trail. Kim Voelker And Viney Mosley volunteers with Leviís recognize the banks generous donation.

Our friends from First State Community Bank in Cape Girardeau stepped up this spring when asked to bridge the gap between the amount of money still needed to be able to install a Sona Play Arch in 2020!

Leviís Adventure Trail is a popular place to play and is located in Cape County Park South. Leviís was built to provide all children a place to challenge them physically and creatively.

The zip line is one of the popular interactive elements and children stand in line for a turn to fly through the air to the other side. LAT board of directors realizes soon after the memorial playground was completed that Leviís Adventure Trail we needed to start searching for more interactive features to add to Leviís.

Butch Holyfield and Jeff Brune met with Leviís representative and a plan was made for First State Community Bank in Cape Girardeau to make an Investment in the children and families of southeast Missouri.

Darren Burgfeld, Kim Voelker and Viney Mosley volunteers with Leviís Childrenís Charity and Butch Holyfield, Natalie Mansell and Jeff Brune .

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