Local 'stars' dance for a good cause

Our journalists at the Southeast Missourian and Mind + Body magazine had a wonderful time in recent weeks getting to know the participants in the "Dancing with the Show Me Stars," a fund-raising event where local folks are paired with an instructor and learn a dance routine and help put on a show for charity.

The show supports the Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri (formerly the Community Caring Council). The event was set up to specifically raise money for the housing assistance program, which helps re-establish safe and secure housing for people who are homeless, facing eviction or are in a re-entry program.

The event featured 13 dancers, and was attended by hundreds. The event raised $92,071, according to executive director Melissa Stickel.

While the title uses the word "stars" the men and women who agreed to devote their time, effort (so much effort!) are regular people, ranging from teachers to doctors, accountants, chefs, pharmacists, nurses and more.

The charity event has been going on for several years, and it's been a good time every year.

A special thanks goes to the volunteers and instructors who put themselves "out there" to help those who are less fortunate.