Preferred Hospice Administrator Receives Promotion

Sean Copeland, Director of Operations on the left. Micah Reutzel, Administrator on the right.

Preferred Hospice Administrator Receives Promotion

Preferred Hospice is pleased to announce that on May 1, the Farmington office Administrator Sean Copeland, LPN, was promoted to Director of Operations for all of Preferred Hospice and Regional Hospice in Missouri. Sean now oversees all hospice activities for 7 Preferred offices and 3 Regional offices, covering over 60 counties in Missouri.

“My goal is to ensure that the people of Missouri get the best hospice care possible and that our employees feel the passion for their jobs that I have felt in my time with Preferred Hospice.”---Sean Copeland

Sean began his hospice career in the Farmington office in January of 2011 as a field nurse, followed by time as Administrator in St Louis and then in Farmington. Sean has shown great leadership skills and the ability to grow the business in both of those offices. Now, his goal is to guide all of the offices to continued success while maintaining the high standards already in place.

In Sean’s expanded role he manages about 250 employees and is responsible for operational oversight, regulatory compliance, assisting with marketing efforts, physician liaison, opening new offices, employee education, and many other aspects of hospice management.

“I saw the compassion and care that Preferred Hospice of Farmington provided to a neighbor years ago and knew that Preferred Hospice was the best. It has been an amazing 8 plus years with Preferred Hospice and I can’t imagine working anywhere else or with any other group of people. We have employees who go above and beyond the call of duty every day. The general public does not always know what great hospice care looks like so we want to share that love and compassion we have for those who are nearing the end of life.” ---Sean Copeland

Sean will maintain an office in Farmington while traveling to the other offices as needed. He lives in Belleview with his wife Dawn, while their children are spread out around them from St Louis to Belleview.

Also on May 1, Micah Reutzel, LPN was promoted from field nurse to Adminstrator in the Farmington office to fill the position vacated by Sean. Micah has shown leadership skills and the ability to be a calming force in stressful times. Sean felt like Micah would be the perfect replacement in Farmington.

“The Farmington office has been extremely successful and is well-staffed with talented, experienced staff. Micah has been able to step into his new role and maintain the family atmosphere in Farmington while also maintaining great patient care.”---Sean Copeland

Director of Clinical Services, Cindy Cole, RN, spoke about these recent changes. “I have been fortunate enough to work with both Sean and Micah in the field as well as have them as my supervisors. We have received a lot of cards and compliments on both of them over the years. They are both extremely talented clinicians who will continue to lead us to provide the very best hospice care. They are both very dedicated and are great guys. They make everyone feel like they are an important part of this team.”

Micah is a long-time resident of Fredericktown where he lives with his wife, Nickey, and their 3 children.

“I am excited about the opportunities at Preferred Hospice and feel passionate about our mission. I know that together, we can continue to serve the Parkland area and be a light in the community.”---Micah Reutzel

Preferred Hospice of Farmington serves patients in Jefferson, Washington, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Madison, Iron, Wayne, and Reynolds counties. The Preferred Hospice staff is made up of nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains, physicians, and volunteers. Together the staff has many years of hospice experience. The mission of Preferred Hospice is to have a positive impact on the lives of those we service, inspire through example, and encourage celebration of life. We will assist with emotional peace of mind and both physical and spiritual healing. For more information, to refer a patient, or to become a volunteer, call Preferred Hospice at 573-756-9800 or toll free at 1-888-756-9802.