Library lends the lenses; telescopes available

Do you or the children in your life like the mysteries of space?

Have you ever seen a social media post about a big moon, a close planet or some other oddity in the night sky?

Riverside Library has telescopes available for checkout.

The local library system has all sorts of things other than books to expand your knowledge.

The telescopes available for checking out are Orion StarBlast telescopes. They were purchased in September of 2016.

Children and adults can also check out fishing poles, thanks to a partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

One of the library's current goals is to expand into areas that assist the community, "with things maybe they don't have access to," said librarian Eileen Fronabarger. The library also lends out wifi hotspots.

All of these things are innovative and interesting things for a library to do. Kudos for the libraries for coming up with hands-on items to help folks expand their knowledge.