Letter to the Editor

Touching tribute to veterans

Just wanted to take the time to thank the Southeast Missourian for the great tribute "Faces of valor" recently published honoring several of the veterans at our local Veterans Home. They each had a different take on what serving their country meant to them; old, yet very wise, are these valiant, respectable citizens.

As a wife, mother, sister and daughter of veterans serving in various conflicts, this tribute warmed my heart as I'm sure it did many others who read it. I believe we need more attention brought to our brave men and women who, despite the hardships they experienced, are still shining a light on the positives that serving our country gave to them.

If you want to enrich your life, sign up to be a volunteer and visit some of these ladies and gentlemen at our local Veterans Home; you'll be glad you did. They are respectful, appreciative and a pleasure to spend time with; we can learn so much from them. It cannot be repeated enough; they ARE the Greatest Generation.

DALE HUMPHRIES, past president, VFW Post 3838 Auxiliary, Cape Girardeau