Local Man with Brain Injury's Health Declining Without MO Healthnet Decision

Matthew Highfill has a community behind him as was obvious at his benefit in March where a local celebrity sang her uncle's song, 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' as that is what this community has been for Highfill. The brain injury he suffered occured on February 14, 2019. Though the community has ralied in support of Highfill to assist with basic needs, one thing he has yet to recieve is a Missouri Healthnet medical decison. A YouTube video has been shared of the phonecall made with a recording stating that his decision should be made by May. It is now July and in between May and June, Highfill's health has significantly declined due to lack of a medical decison on his case. Because his brain cannot regulate his body functions properly, Highfill now has a growth on his thyroid and has been to the ER twice. He is unable to obtain follow up care due to his case still pending after 5 months. He cannot go to the endocrinologist, physical therapist nor can he afford his myraid of prescription medications. His next appointment is July 18th for a follow up he cannot afford without a medical card. The system is broken and it is costing us all more in the long run in more ways than one.