Cindy Jenks Elected President Of The National Federation Of Democratic Women

Ripley County’s own Cindy Jenks (far right) was recently elected president of the National Federation of Democratic Women. Also pictured, from left: Winifred Carson-Smith of District of Columbia; Susan Shelton, fourth vice president of Texas; Gail Buckner, third vice president of Georgia; Susan Rutt, second vice president of Pennsylvania; and Carol Comito, first vice president of Arizona.

Cindy Jenks, of Fairdealing, was elected president of the National Federation of Democratic Women at their Convention in Albany, N.Y., on June 15. She was elected for the term 2019-2021 and has a seat on the Democrat National Committee.

The theme is “And, Ain’t I A Woman! Our time to make history, in honor of the Suffragettes and the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of 19th Amendment. After years of struggle for the right to vote, women were guaranteed this right by this amendment. There are many unsung heroines in this struggle, as much of this history is forgotten. The NFDW reminds women that their vote is their voice and encourages women to become more politically involved, run for office and make their voice heard.