Letter to the Editor

Things that make you go hmm...

The U.S. has had vehicles on Mars for years that run without using oil or coal energy. How can this possibly be done? There are no gas stations on Mars. Solar power would be impossible; Mars is farther from the Sun then Earth and solar power for vehicles cannot be made or work on Earth. Wait, could using solar power make all of the trillions of dollars from using oil and coal powered vehicles stop those trillions from coming in? Nah.

The U.S. plans on starting a colony on Mars; how could those folks possible live without using oil and coal powered energy? It's a waste of time.

Hey, wouldn't this new colony be illegal immigrants migrating to Mars? Will a "Wall" be needed. Would the first baby that's born on Mars be the only legal immigrant Martian of Mars? If this first person on Mars should come back to Earth, would they be an illegal immigrant to Earth? Would they be the Second Coming, would everything and everybody on Mars be the creation of a God, like Adam and Eve? If so, why didn't a God just do this from the get-go?

So many questions, so few answers ...

Rick Scaggs, Jackson