8th Annual NubAbility Summer Camp

Campers are able to participate in a variety of athletic events, including lacrosse, water sports, and tennis, as seen in these photos.

The NubAbility Athletics Foundation will host the 8th Annual #DontNeed2 Summer Camp in DuQuoin, IL, from July 17-21. Over 130 limb-different youth, either congenital or traumatic amputees, will be in attendance to learn valuable skills that will allow them to compete with their peers in mainstream sports.

Over 100 coaches, over 80 of which are limb-different, will also attend Camp where they will be paired with campers to provide one-on-one instruction to help them train and develop skills. Campers are able to choose from a variety of athletic focuses including basketball, grappling, football, softball and baseball, tumbling and cheer, where they will work with limb-different coaches and other volunteers to develop skills to use in the gym, on the field, and throughout life.

NubAbility brings campers and their family members, coaches, and volunteers totaling over 400 to DuQuoin and the surrounding the area to attend camp. Events will take place in DuQuoin and surrounding areas, including the DuQuoin High School and DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

Volunteer registration is open until Monday, July 1st. For more information about the NubAbility Athletics Foundation, how to donate, and how to volunteer at the 8th Annual #DontNeed2 Summer Camp, please visit nubability.org.

NubAbility Athletics Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. (Nub: what many call their limb different limb; Ability: being able to) “The mission of NubAbility® Athletics Foundation is to encourage, inspire and instruct limb-different youth in mainstream sports. Our goal is to use limb-different athletes as coaches to get them out of the stands, off the bench and into the game so they can excel confidently in life.”