Community responds on Flag Day after Cantrell's motorcycle accident

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more selfless and patriotic person than David Cantrell.

We've written about Cantrell many times in the Southeast Missourian. He is the man responsible for the Avenue of Flags at Cape Girardeau County Park North. He takes care of the flags, and organizes the presentation, intended to bring honor to those who have served the country. The flags come from families who providing the flags used in funerals of their loved ones who have passed on.

Cantrell was recently involved in a motorcycle accident, and his leg required amputation below the knee. It's been a painful recovery for the retired Navy captain.

When flag day arrived, Cantrell could not be a part of putting up and taking down the flags. But his friends, colleagues and family took up the task and got the flags up and down. And they held a special ceremony afterward to sing the national anthem and voice support and prayers for Cantrell.

Cantrell is still in the hospital as doctors tend to his wounds. It's been a rough go, but Cantrell is a tough man. We join his hundreds of friends and family in prayers for reduced pain and continued healing. He will not be the same physically following the accident, but we believe he will continue to inspire us with his dedication and commitment to our community, to our veterans and our country. Godspeed, Captain. We hope to see you at the county park when you're good and ready.