Flood of 2019 leaves its mark

The flood of 2019 might not go down as the highest crest in our regionís history, but it sure is making its mark.

Itís been a long, grueling flood rising for months, reaching a peak last week, particularly in Southern Illinois.

Buyouts have prevented this flood from being catastrophic from an individual property standpoint as was the case in 1993 and in 2011 with the blowing of the Birds Point Levee, but there have still been a handful of evacuations with folks having to find shelter elsewhere. The flood, however, has done damaging blows to the economy, particularly for farmers, who have been unable to plant thousands upon thousands of acres.

The flood has also created travel problems, having shut down the bridge to Chester, Illinois, for weeks at a time, and even highways 3 and 146 ó raised in the 1980s to avoid this problem ó were shut down Friday. Those living in Illinois, affected mostly by seepwater, which is directly related to the river level, have seen their commutes slow to a crawl, even before the closures. Itís all been very trying for people living in these affected areas.

The flood has reminded us of the power of nature, and tested our patience and affected our pocketbooks. For the most part, however, people have avoided death and injury, and have shown admirable patience during this historic flood.

We thank all those who have helped their neighbors and communities during this event, and for all who have shown grace during their struggles.