Speak Out 6/21/19

Abortion referendum

Why is Jay Ashcroft, secretary of state, so resistant to a ballot referendum regarding the extremely restrictive abortion legislation? Why is he not wanting voters' input on this legislation? Mr. Ashcroft seems intimidated by voters' opinions. Put the referendum on the ballot!

Sports PR?

The Southeast Missourian sports department has officially labeled itself as a propaganda arm of SEMO University. Your insistence that the basketball program is just fine, that the baseball program just had a couple injuries, and that the football program's one winning season is a reason to believe is all just a smokescreen. Quit it!

Funding victims

Over $5 billion has been paid to victims of 9/11, which was 18 years ago, and the Congress has another $3 billion in reserve to fund 9/11 victims. But there is talk that we "need more money" for another 70 years plus for the grandkids of the grandkids of the victims. Like the Cherokee Indians who we are still paying. With no disrespect to the victims of 9/11 or the Cherokees Indians, after so long the well goes dry or the money and funding stops. Or it may not benefit the real victims.

Bloomfield road

Regarding Bloomfield Road west of I-55, a tree that was felled by a storm in December is still lying on the ground. Decorative rock that has fallen off retaining walls several years ago is still on the ground; the walls were constructed by the City of Cape Girardeau in a multi-million dollar road improvement project and a pond that is scum-covered. Additional monies were awarded to the landowner for heritage value. Could not the landowner improve the heritage pond with the additional awarded monies? What must visitors and potential home buyers think of the city when they see these derelict properties?

Cape Catfish

I can understand a person not liking the name of the new baseball team in Cape. What I can't understand is a person not knowing the difference between baseball and basketball. It is a baseball team! The community should support it.


The Trump Administration should save some tax payer dollars and not replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She hasn't done anything for months, so why would they need someone for a job that doesn't need to be filled?