Letter to the Editor

On Hovis' in-district meeting

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for a representative to sit and listen to angry constituents. While many were on the attack during Rep. Barry Hovis' in-district meeting with constituents, we should recognize that we are all human and make mistakes. But what makes a good leader is learning from those mistakes.

The in-district meeting with state Rep. Hovis was meant to bring attention to the real impact votes like his (for HB 126) have on constituents and Missourians statewide. When a representative casts a vote for a bill banning safe, legal abortion, they cast a vote that affects all Missourians. And specifically in Hovis' case, this doesn't compliment him well coming on the heels of his comments about "consensual rape."

It's important for our legislators to see the pain in the eyes of the people they have hurt. Apologies without action are like band-aids; while they work to cover-up superficial wounds, they do no good for large abrasions -- and I want to be clear that this wound is gaping.

The people demand action from their legislators to rectify their mistakes, not more words. Show me the good, don't just speak it. Politicians seem to be more concerned about spinning a web of pretty words rather than enacting beneficial change in our communities.

I have learned a great deal by listening to the people of Southeast Missouri, and I would recommend our representatives do just that. Sit down and listen.

AARON LERMA, Cape Girardeau