Southeast Misssouri Music Academy Fiddlers at Western Swing Convention

Front Row: Kami Eubank, Olivia Petzoldt, Kasen Ahrens, Asher Ahrens, Truman White 2nd Row: Avery Petzoldt, Naomi Williams, Laura Ryan Back Row: Layne Gross, Charli Jo Sparks, Ana Gayle

Students of the Southeast Missouri Music Academy Suzuki Fiddlers recently performed with the Bob Dolle Band at the 2019 Western Swing Convention on Saturday, May 18th at the Cape Girardeau VFW.

The Western Swing Society of the Southwest are generous benefactors of the Suzuki String Program, directed by Laura Ryan.

The young fiddlers are students of Laura Ryan, Naomi Williams and Steve Schaffner.